Huran has another 1 000 new orders


About a month ago, on Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini has introduced another super car. This car was very common topic in car industry even before Geneva Motor Show because its pictures leaked on internet two months before. Since then, orders for this car are coming from all over the world. People desperately want to own this super car with 602 horse power.

Today Lamborghini is a symbol for speed, style and luxury. Everybody wants to have a part of Lamborghini brand, which is the reason this car brand has expanded to other fields. They are producing everything from fashion like watches or best quality cologne for men, clothes and other.

For those who don’t know what we are talking about, here is a little introduction. Huran is next in line after Lamborghini Gallardo, which has stopped manufacturing a while ago. Huran doesn’t have anything like Gallardo it is made from a scratch and was named also after a fighting bull, like every other Lamborgini car. Even though it is a car made from scratch, it has that famous Lamborgini design, but with more clear and straight lines then models before him. Interior of this car is made of leather with 12,3 inch control board. This super car has V10 5,2 liter engine with 602 horse power. Its can go 62 mph in 3,2 sec, 124 mph in 9,9 sec and its top speed is 202 mph, which is pretty impressive.

Experts in Lamborghini are saying that this car could break the record of Gallardo, which was the best-selling supercar sold in 14 000 models in only 10 years. Its sale has jumped from 250 to 2 000 in one year and that is the number Huracan will try to break. At the beginning of the launching this car already has 1 000 orders so it might even break this record and become the best-selling Lamborghini car.

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