How to Wax Your Car Properly


If you’re looking for information on how to wax your car in the most professional manner possible, or looking into traffic products Ontario, there are a few things that you need to know. If you work on automobiles all day long, know that a dull coat of wax doesn’t do your car any good, and can actually ruin the surface of your paint job. It is important to understand how to wax your car properly if you are going to be properly pleased with the end result. This way, your neighbors will be jealous and want to have a car as shiny as yours!

Say No to Liquid Wax

Standard liquid wax is often used, but it is not recommended as a method of how to wax your car, because liquid products can contain wax and water, which are bad for your car paint. A quality wax that is meant for use on vehicles will contain either petrol or mineral spirits. These types of liquids are already well mixed with the other ingredients and won’t leave anything on the surface of your car paint.

The Best Option

The best way to learn how to wax your car a cheap budget is to use a high-quality automotive detailing sprayer and a brush. You’ll also need a microfiber towel. Spray your car with the wax, and start at the edges of the vehicle, working your way towards the center. After the wax has set up a bit, buff it off with the towel and you will be good to go! Just remember that your vehicle will only look as good as the effort that you put into it.

Now that you know how to wax your car, you’ll be able to maintain the paint on your vehicle’s exterior for years to come!

Posted May 28, 2021 by Car Blog in category General