How to Proper Maintain your Vehicle


A vehicle is an investment that requires proper and regular maintenance. Without it, the vehicle will start to wear down and possibly end up undriveable. That is why it is important to implement proper maintenance on all your vehicles, and the following tips show you just how you can keep your car running for the long haul.

Regular Tune Ups
While most of the tips in this articles are ones you can do yourself, the vehicle will need regularly inspections by a mechanic. For example, you may not know how to inspect and replace the brake rotors, exhaust, valves and hoses, but a trained mechanic will.

Don’t Overlook the Tires
Once the tires are on the vehicle, many consumers simply forget about them until they need replaced. However, research has shown that over 11,000 tows are the result of tire issues. To prevent accidents and properly maintained your vehicle, you will need to check the air pressure of your tires about once a month. This can be done at home with an inexpensive pressure gauge. Most gas stations also have free stations where you can fill up your tires and check the pressure. The recommended air pressure for your specific tires are located on the sidewall of the tire. You should also have your tires rotated every 6,000 to 8,000 miles and have the alignment checked when rotating.

Check Fluids and Wipers
The oil – as well as the other vital fluids – are the life blood of the vehicle and should be checked once a month. For best results, check with your car’s owner’s manual, which will give you the manufacturer’s recommendation on when to change/check your car’s oils.

Windshield wipers are not too expensive and they are an important part of your vehicle. Wipers that are not functioning properly will make it difficult to see during a downpour, and when your view is obstructed, you run the risk of having an accident.

Don’t Forget the Air Filter and Lights
A clean air filter will go a long way to improve the overall performance of the vehicle. Unfortunately, most people don’t even give their air filter a second thought. You can check your filter by holding it up to a light. If the light cannot shine through, the air filter is dirty and needs replaced.

Headlights, brake lights, tail lights and turn signals should be checked regularly. Not only is a non-working light a safety hazard but they can also result in an expensive ticket.

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