How to Choose Car mats


Car mats shouldn’t be seen as a cost, but more so an investment. Quality car mats will prevent the car becoming dirty, prevent wear and tear and save time and effort when it comes to cleaning. They help the carpeted floors of the auto stay immaculate and also help keep the price of the car at a higher level.

Needless to say car mats come in a range of shapes, sizes and prices and there are a number of factors that should influence the cost of the mats. So, we’re going to take a closer look at the different sorts of car mats.


There are a variety of mats on offer and these are all designed to keep the floor free of grime, dirt, food and other items. They vary in appearance and in their make-up and we’re going to take a closer look at each and what they’re useful for.

Carpeted Car Mats

The carpeted car mat is there to replace the current carpet mats and mimics the design of the car floor. Most new cars have these mats when the car is sold and these tend to look quite like the car’s floor. They keep the original floor in good shape and also fit into the auto’s décor well as they provide a uniform appearance.

Rubber Car Mats

The rubber car mat is a little different to the carpeted car mat. These mats tend to be made of PVC or plastic and are flexible and give the appearance of rubber. The mat is flexible, durable and can survive a range of issues and is also easily cleaned. However, it’s worth nothing that PVC mats tend to shatter if frozen, however plastic alternatives which look the same don’t. However, word of warning from who say that some people also have issues with the way rubber smells and see plastic as a better option.

Plastic Car Mats

The plastic car mat, are a popular and affordable option and are durable and also water resistant. These mats tend to come in a range of colours and this means they can work very well with a lot of interiors. These mats also come under the term all-weather mats too and are designed to protect the car’s interior during the worse parts of the year. They are often created in such a way to create a lip on the side – this is to make drainage of water or liquid easier during the eventuality of a mishap. These mats also often have ridges to remove the dirt or the mud from boots too and some can even withstand substances which may burn or cause problems for other materials such as lime. These are easy to clean, can be washed with a hose and also look neat and tidy.

Metal Car Mats

These mats are quite rare nowadays as they are generally used only in heavy industries. They can withstand hard use and caustic substances; however they are often not necessary for the average family car. They provide great protection from friction damage, though aren’t great at preventing issues with water.

These tips should give you a better idea of the sorts of car mats that you should choose for your auto.

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