How Predictive Maintenance Is Saving Oil and Gas Companies


Proper maintenance of your equipment is vital for any company because it saves from shutting down operations for unexpected repairs. In the past, preventative maintenance has been achieved through frequent and routine inspections to spot potential problems and fix them before the machinery breaks down. For the oil and gas industry, however, predictive maintenance is becoming more standard to manage operational costs and stay afloat during hard times.

Streamlined Parts Inventory

Because predictive maintenance uses monitoring tools to track how equipment is running, and sometimes specific parts, you can streamline your inventory as well as schedule maintenance for a convenient time. For example, if your monitoring predicts that a generator has a worn fuel pump, then you can order a new pump from CAT Power Engine Parts Inc. before it goes out and be able to replace it without shutting down the operation or paying rent on a building to hold spare parts indefinitely. You can even get a spare generator to swap out while repairs are being made.

Better Results With Fewer Inspections

Traditional inspections are expensive and time-consuming, meaning that the more equipment you can monitor and predict maintenance on, the less it will cost your company in the long run. This monitoring can give you a better idea of what parts are receiving the most wear and tear, even in hard to reach places, giving you more lead time to fix it. Sometimes maintenance, monitoring and inspections are not enough to stop equipment breakdowns, but the right predictions can save lives as well as time and money by reducing the numbers of catastrophic failures.

Predictive maintenance can help oil and gas companies stay running for longer with fewer accidents and equipment failures because you can monitor which items will need to be repaired or replaced instead of waiting for your tools to break or shutting down operations for inspections. This can help you streamline your parts inventory by making sure that you have needed items on hand without storing unneeded ones.

Posted March 18, 2020 by Car Blog in category General