Great deals on part exchange cars in Portmouth


Whilst purchasing a home will probably be the most expensive thing you ever buy, buying a new car is almost certainly the second biggest thing and, if you already own a car, you want to make sure that you receive the maximum possible part exchange car value.  If you have already decided not to sell your existing car yourself but to try to do a part exchange deal with your local car dealership in Portsmouth, there are a few things you can do to ensure you get the best possible price for your car.

Firstly, you need to collect all of the relevant paperwork together, including the V5 (logbook) document, the current MOT certificate, service history documentation and invoices.  You might be wondering why anyone would be interested in the service history but, if the car has been serviced regularly (preferably by a main dealer), in line with manufacturer’s recommendations, it’s likely to be worth more than a vehicle that hasn’t.  Have a look round the car and see if there is any damage that needs repairing.  Consider having any minor paintwork scratches or bodywork damage fixed but make sure you consider the costs carefully.  It may be that repairs would cost more than the value it would add back to the part exchange price.  Also, make sure you find any spare keys or the service key and, lastly, clean the car!  A quick wash and vacuum makes a world of difference to a cars appearance and makes it look cared for.

Before you head off to your Portsmouth car dealership to begin negotiations, make sure you have a clear idea of what the trade in value of your car is likely to be.  There are plenty of online tools to help you calculate this, and you can always start where the dealerships do and consult Glass’s car valuation guide.  Glass’s Guide provides guidelines for the trade price (the price the dealer will pay) and the retail price (the price the dealer will sell the car for) for nearly every car of any age, specification and mileage.  Don’t forget that the dealer will have two numbers is his head, your part exchange car value and what you’re going to pay for a new car.  If you add in the possibility that you might be purchasing your new car on finance, then the maths can get a little tricky but do remember one important point: you’re the boss.  If, after all the negotiations, you’re not happy with the deal, you can just walk away.

After taking in all of the above, you may be thinking that perhaps it’s easier to sell your car privately after all.  There really is no right or wrong answer.  If you have time to spend marketing and selling your car yourself then you may get a better deal on a private sale price than the part exchange car value.  If you’re short on time, then part exchange with a Portsmouth car dealership might be a better option.

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