Do Not Neglect Car Maintenance


Many car owners are shocked when their vehicle suddenly begins to experience mechanical problems. Although every car is prone to having mechanical failures, many problems can be avoided by properly maintaining the vehicle. An experienced automotive technician can easily determine if a car has received the necessary care. Here are some of the most neglected aspects of car maintenance.

Motor Oil
Although the benefits of regular oil changes are highly publicized, thousands of motorists still forget to change their motor oil. Over time, the motor oil will lose its ability to properly lubricate the internal components of the engine. Although one missed oil change may not cause a problem, consistently postponing an oil change will cause major engine damage. Driving with a low oil level can destroy an engine in a matter of days.

A car’s transmission quietly does its job without making a fuss. However, the transmission’s fluid and filter still needs to be changed at the recommended intervals. Failing to maintain the transmission will dramatically decrease its overall longevity. Aside from the engine, a transmission is the most expensive automotive component. Extremely hot temperatures can wreck havoc on the lubrication properties of the transmission fluid.

Cooling System
Most motorists tend to overlook their vehicle’s cooling system. Unfortunately, a deteriorated coolant hose or a leaky radiator could cause the engine to overheat within minutes. To prevent the corrosion, the coolant must be flushed out at the recommended interval stated in the owner’s manual. Water should never be used as a substitute for antifreeze.

If the tires are in poor condition, the overall safety of the vehicle is severely compromised. Rotating the tires and maintaining the proper air pressure are great ways to preserve the health of each tire. Irregular tread wear indicates that there is likely a problem with the wheel alignment. Auto repair shops such as Ramy’s Garage have computerized wheel alignment machines that precisely align each wheel to the correct specifications

Many automotive experts view the brakes as the most important safety component on a vehicle. A faulty set of brakes puts everyone’s life in danger. If the brakes start to squeak or squeal, they need to be inspected as soon as possible. Overly worn brake pads will ultimately cause the brake rotors to warp.

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