Considering the Cost of Car Ownership


When browsing various car models at the showroom of an auto dealer, it is important to think about the long term expenses associated with owning a particular vehicle. The climate or region can actually influence the long term cost of ownership of a car. A car comparison guide is an example of a resource used to think about the cost of owning a vehicle. some mechanical components are not designed to withstand freezing temperatures. The components of an engine block such as pistons, rings, gaskets and spark plugs may need to be replaced in regions that have extreme temperatures.

Extremely hot or cold climates also lead to excessive use of the interior air conditioning or heating system. This costs a significant amount of money by having to fill up the fueltank more often and recharging the battery. Extreme climates can negatively effect the life of a new car battery. It’s also important to remember that fuel is needed to keep the climate control system and battery running in a vehicle.

Extreme weather conditions such as snow, sleet and hail can lead to expensive vehicle damage. Such frequent weather events may wear out the brakes, wheels and tires much faster compared to normal conditions. Extreme temperature variations in a region can influence the fuel economy of a vehicle. Drivers may have to fill up more often during freezing winters and blazing summers. Internal combustion engines have to work extra hard during very low or high temperatures that occur in specific regions.

Posted June 10, 2014 by Car Blog in category General