Car Bras, Security Products and Repair Plans – Vehicle Protection Worth the Investment


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A vehicle is easily one of the biggest and most important purchases a person will make in a lifetime, and whether old or new, it’s an investment that should be protected and carefully maintained. That can sometimes prove to be harder to do than it sounds, considering the constant danger that exterior damage can occur, the threat of potential car thieves and the need for unexpected repairs. Unfortunately, you can’t place your car in a bubble to keep it safe from all of these situations, however, the good news is that there are several ways, from installing a paint-protecting car bra and security system to obtaining a repair plan, that can minimize these risks and preserve a vehicle’s appearance and value.

Paint Protection

Every time a car is backed out of the garage there is a chance for it to get assaulted by road hazards that end up leaving the paint job scratched, dinged, faded, etc. Nevertheless, many of these damages can be avoided with the right paint protection. Numerous car owners have ditched the vinyl car bras that were popular years ago in favor of the much more attractive clear car bra.

This invisible film is flexible enough to fit the body shape of any vehicle, won’t detract from its appearance, and most importantly, has shown just how effectively it protects the finish by absorbing the impact of flying rocks, out of control shopping carts, ultraviolet rays, splattering bugs, etc. Car bras are low maintenance, tough and reliable.

Security Protection Products

Any expensive purchase comes with the fear of theft. Luckily, innovative security products have been designed in an effort to reduce car theft crimes and offer vehicle owners greater peace of mind. Examples of these security solutions include GPS or radio tracking, remote ignition blocking, wheel lock, forced entry or engine startup alerts, engine immobilizer and VIN etching.

Different companies sell any variety of these features separate or as a system, ensuring your vehicle is secure and extremely difficult for even the most seasoned car thief to break in or to get very far before getting caught.

Repair Protection Plans

New cars are generally covered under warranty, but once that runs out or if the car you’ve purchased isn’t new, unanticipated repair expenses can pop up at any time. A large portion of car owners don’t have the extra funds readily available that are required to take care of costly repairs, and neglecting certain problems can end up leading to worsening conditions.

Repair service plans can help reduce bills related to parts and labor when things stop working right and give you the opportunity to get your car fixed in a timely and affordable manner without further harm being caused to the vehicle’s inner workings.

Any of these situations can cause a lot of stress and result in a loss in the investment made into your vehicle, but the odds will be in your favor if you take the steps necessary to protect it and purchase a professional car bra installation, get armed with security products and have a repair plan in place.


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