About Armored Car Services


Large banks and corporations have used armored car services for decades, but today, smaller banks and companies, such as retail establishments, have begun using these services to reduce their risk, liabilities and operating costs and efficiencies.


Armored transport secures cash and other valuables, reducing the chances they will be stolen on route to their new location. Your employee liability is also reduced because you do not have staff members transporting cash and valuables. In addition, these services improve your efficiency because they eliminate your need to go to the bank every day or several times per day. . These services can also be customized to your needs. You will also gain peace of mind because you know your valuables are secured in transit.


Improved technology encourages outsourcing, making it an easier and more efficient way to do business. Armored vehicles have more secure systems and have standardized the transmission of files between clients and banks. In addition, armored service clients can access a web portal to check on their transfers and inventory. They can also alter their contracts or service requirements and access reports on their armored services activities. These portals eliminate miscommunications that may occur through email or via phone. Everything is clear and in writing, so both parties understand the services being purchased.

Other Armored Cars

Not only are cash-in-transit vehicles armored, but so are law enforcement vehicles, including SWAT and tactical trucks. These vehicles store a variety of weapons and can be used for emergency services. Military vehicles are typically heavily armored as well. Personal vehicles can also be armored. Although these vehicles do not look any different from any other vehicle of its type, they are fully armored by specialists outside the factory.

If you need cash or valuables collected and delivered to the bank, deposit box, ATM or other locations, consider contracting an armored car company.

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