7 Safe Driving Tips to Avoid Car Accidents


You have done your due diligence and attended driving school successfully. While on the road, you always exercise caution and uphold every driving rule you’ve ever learned. It also seems like everyone around you is doing the same. Therefore, it is baffling to check the news only to see an increase in car accidents. So, what more can we do as a society to avoid car accidents?

How to Avoid Car Accidents

How many times have you seen the debris or damage of a car accident while just driving regularly down a highway? You may not have been keeping count, but there are many instances if you come to think of it, right? Apparently, while driving on most highways in the U.S., you are bound to see a road accident aftermath. This is because every five seconds, a car is being totaled. Quite an alarming statistic to say the least!

While the majority of these accidents can be prevented, it is good practice to prepare yourself for the worst at all times. Arm yourself with the contacts of a car accident law firm, and utilize the tips below to be on the safe side when danger comes lurking.

1. Look Out for Red-Light Runners

Arguably the most crucial moment while driving is entering an intersection. With the convergence of many lanes and cars moving in different directions, it can be easy to hit or get hit by another motorist.

There are some drivers who are notorious for running yellow lights or even trying to speed away from a red light. Always be cautious and be careful not to drive within blind spots of the cars ahead of you.

2. Ensure the Steering Wheel Is Never Hands-Free

Always have at least one hand on the wheel at all costs. Avoid distractions such as changing songs, using your cell phone, eating, et cetera. Without both hands on the steering wheel, a blown tire or a pothole could swerve the car into another lane and cause a severe accident.

Ensure to uphold the proper hand placement on the steering wheel at all times.

3. Turning on the Headlights Before Sunset

Statistics show that many accidents occur at nightfall. Therefore, turning on your headlights before sunset makes your car more noticeable to other drivers. Turning the headlights on at least a half-hour before sunset. The point of doing this is not to see any better but to be seen.

4. Take Extra Caution on Wet Roads

Hydroplaning is a typical result of driving on wet roads. You can as quickly lose control of your car as severely as someone driving on ice. At this moment, you should avoid slamming on your brakes specifically because that could result in a more severe skid.

Instead, you should slowly bring your car to a halt while at the same time steering the car in the direction of the rear wheels.

5. On Long Trips, Take Regular Breaks

It doesn’t take a lot to get bored and fall asleep while driving long distances. The aftermath of that is potentially fatal. For every 100 miles or every two hours, be sure to take a break. Eating heavy can make you drowsy, so just eat light and wait until you arrive to eat some more.

6. Always Wear Your Seatbelt

The first thing you should do before taking off is buckle your seatbelt. Seatbelts often reduce the chances of severe injury during collisions. Additionally, always ensure that every other passenger in your car has fastened theirs as well. Young children should always ride in child safety seats, and this should be non-negotiable.

7. Park Carefully

Parking lots typically have this air of leisure surrounding them, don’t they? However, don’t let that ambiance fool you. Many motorists are usually scouting for parking spots without really paying attention to their surroundings, which is potentially hazardous.

Drivers should look out for doors swinging open, shopping carts, kids darting around, and other pedestrians in the parking lot. Therefore, you should try worrying less about finding the best spot and more about keeping your wits about you.

Avoiding Car Accidents Is a Joint Effort

Each and every licensed driver should take a refresher of these safety tips every so often. And for parents wondering how they can prevent car accidents among teenagers, we say road safety education is an excellent place to start. Let us all play our part to avoid car accidents.




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