6 Things To Do After a Car Accident


When you are in a car accident, the world can suddenly become a terrifying place. As you lose control of your vehicle, you can feel powerless and in need of protection. Here are six things you can do to take back control of the situation.

1. Stay Calm

No matter how angry you are, remain calm. Don’t rant at the other driver; instead, check out the damage on your vehicle. Never apologize or admit any type of guilt for the collision.

2. Check Injuries

If there are other people in your vehicle, check for injuries. If anyone is dizzy or feels nauseous, make sure they sit somewhere safe in case it is a concussion. If injures are apparent, call for an ambulance.

3. Call Police

Call 9-1-1 and identify the accident scene. Provide all information requested and ask for an officer to come to the location if possible. Remember to ask how long the wait time is for the officer’s arrival.

4. Collect Information

Get all pertinent insurance and vehicle information from the other driver – including a photo of their driver’s license. If someone pretends to be the driver and you know differently, let the officer know.

5. Get Repairs

Your car will need repairs even after a minor crash. Call a car repair Edmonds WA shop, and if you can’t drive your auto, ask for a tow to the building. Remember to request a rental car if the repairs will take several days.

6. Phone Insurance

Let your insurance company know about the accident and provide your agent with an accident scene number. Forward any photos you took at the scene to the accident investigator.

You may be frazzled after your crash, but if you can follow the six steps above, you can take back control and protect yourself. How you handle the situation is in your hands.

Posted November 2, 2020 by Car Blog in category General