4 Types Of Storms and How To Prepare For Them


This world is full of wonders. Every once in awhile, people get to experience a powerful storm. While these are fascinating to watch, they can also be dangerous. Here are four types of severe storms to be aware of and how to prepare for them.

1. Rain Storm

A rain storm typically includes heavy rains, wind and sometimes lightning. These storms are great for the environment, as they bring moisture and nourish the plant life. However, they can be heavy. Make sure your rain gutters are clear and prepared to carry lots of water. Try to stay inside during the storm to avoid getting hurt but do enjoy the sound of rain and wind and the occasional roll of thunder.

  1. Hail Storm

Hail is unique because it is water that has been thrown up into the storm before freezing and falling again as small balls of ice. While this can be exciting, it can lead to some damage to roofs and cars. Luckily, there are many services that do hail storm repair Lakewood CO when the need arises.

  1. Snow Storm

Snow storms happen in the winter. Some locations have heavier snowfalls than others. When a snow storm happens, be very careful while driving. The roads can easily freeze over and cause the car to spin. Make sure your windshield wipers work well and keep a snow shovel in the garage to help dig out your car after the snow has fallen.

  1. Wind Storm

Sometimes, a wind storm passes through town. Some winds can have very powerful gusts, which can knock over trees and rip through shingles. When a storm like this happens, put your garbage cans in the garage and hold out until the storm passes. Then check for additional damage.

When a storm warning happens, be prepared as best as you can. Stay inside, wear warm clothing and keep preventative equipment such as gutters in top shape.

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