4 Things You Should Always Have in Your Car


Driving a new or used car is always a gamble. Whether your car is ten years old or ten days old, the unfortunate truth is that anything can happen with an automobile. They are simply unpredictable. With proper care and maintenance, it is easy to ensure that your car will run smoothly for its entire lifespan, but as we all know, things can happen that are beyond our control.

When things go wrong, it isn’t always easy to underreact, mainly because most people are unprepared for these situations. Instead of worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to handle problems as they arise, packing the necessities in your car for any problems you may encounter will make your life just a little bit easier while on the road.

  1. Keep fluids on hand. While the cost for DEF & industrial coolant, oil and other fluids may be a little high when you don’t need them immediately, having them on hand is going to save you in your time of need. You never know when an emergency may strike and the fluids are necessary for your car to run. Even a bottle of water is great to have as well, in case your car happens to overheat and you’re fresh out of coolant.
  2. Charge up the old cell phone. Have you ever gotten a flat tire and realized that the battery to your cell phone is almost dead, if not dead already? Having an old cell phone that is charged and ready to use can save you in your time of need. In case of any emergency, you can always use an old cell phone because many of them are programmed with the ability to call 911, regardless of whether they are active or not.
  3. Pack an emergency car kit. Keep a car ‘first-aid bag’ in your trunk. This bag will hold everything from jumper cables to tire sealant. It’s easy to forget that sometimes, a quick fix can be what you need to get back on the road and take your car to a professional. Instead of pouring money into a wrecker and waiting for hours, sometimes a leaky tire only requires a temporary sealant; a car that won’t start may only require a quick jump.
  4. Don’t forget a few snacks. If you’re in an emergency situation that you cannot fix on your own, depending on your location, it may be awhile before police or help can be on the way. With children, this can be especially draining for any family. Having snacks on hand can always eliminate some of the stress associated with waiting. Include non-perishable items, such as a box of crackers, peanut butter, nuts or jerky. Be sure to replace these snacks every once in awhile so that they don’t expire or get eaten by any critters on accident.


Posted May 1, 2016 by Car Blog in category General