I know that there are still many chess fans out there and that chess has been played for centuries. However, with the recent development of computer games and computer technology, I wonder if games like chess will be able to be as popular as they used to be. Today video games are very attractive for players to play. They contain a lot more content compared to chess, and they are also competitive in case of online games. A lot of games contain interesting storyline, graphics that are pleasant to look at, and even music suited to the atmosphere in the game. They also require thinking, some probably more and some less, but the fact is that they do require thinking. There is also a group of very complicated strategy games like Europa Universalis, Dominions, or Civilization, which might be competitors to chess. These games require analytical reasoning in order to win them, and due to many difficulty modes, a person may even never be able to completely master them. In these regards they are very similar to chess, but unlike chess, they also take advantage out of recent developments in technology. Chess might soon become a game that only people who never had any contact with computer games will be playing, as such people will usually have problems understanding the attractiveness of video games. Time will tell whether chess will stand the test of time.

Million Concurrent Players


World of Warcraft is currently the most popular Massive Multiplayer Online Game in the world. It sold millions of copies, and that is probably due to the fact that it is accessible even for young players due to low difficulty. It is also friendly for casual players and it gained so much popularity because the developers of World of Warcraft are releasing this game all over the world. Conquering the Chinese market has been an objective for Blizzard for a long time, and it seems that they achieved this goal, as World of Warcraft exceeded 1 million concurrent Chinese players logged at the same time. The Chinese authorities from the very beginning were not in awe of the game, and even prohibited some parts of the game to be realized in China. However, it seems that the voice of the consumers is stronger, and that Chinese people are really eager to partake in the Western culture. One of the reasons World of Warcraft is a big controversy in China is that it has skeletons in the game. The Chinese authorities do not like that at all, but this did not stop this Western game to gain popularity in Asia. World of Warcraft is also one of the most popular games in Korea.

Earn Money Browsing


There is a search engine called SlashMySearch that claims that their search engine is designed to get the best results on the Internet quickly and effectively. Using proprietary algorithms, their search engine is able to “slash” through more of the junk, and find the most relevant results. They filter results from Yahoo, AltaVista, Excite, the Google search engine, their databases, and several other sources. They also track what results get visited the most, and refine their database with that information. Personally, I think that it is a matter of personal preference which search engines someone likes the most. I suggest checking out this search engine to make up your mind if you find it appealing.

Anyway, the company behind this search engine believes that the profits made on the Internet should be shared with the users that are helping make that happen. That is why you are going to be paid for surfing the Web. You simply have to set the website as your homepage, and use it as your primary search engine in order to earn money.

You do not ever have to pay anything, so you are protected from actually losing money. I would like to add that you might also earn money, even if you decide not to use their search engine at all by obtaining referrals. I think that most users will not switch to their search engine completely, but they will want to participate in this opportunity, and try to acquire referrals. Summarizing, I would like to indicate for whom this offer is especially attractive:

-People willing to acquire referrals, since the profitability of this opportunity also greatly depends if a person has the resources to acquire referrals.
-People who do not mind changing their search engine to SlashMySearch, or at least checking it out.

Designing Your Own Logo


The best way to get started is to look at other logos in order to get some ideas. While it might be tempting to create a very complicated logo, it is not always the best choice. If you want to create a logo to simply increase your brand awareness, then you do not need a very complicated logo for that. You can design your logo even in such a simple program like Paint. The important hing is that you should have some kind of logo, as this way your readers will remember your website more easily. Additionally, whenever they will see your logo on any other website, they will get reminded of your business/website. Of course, you may want to hire a professional logo designer, but that is not necessary is case of small businesses or personal websites. I have seen many logos that were created by regular webmasters and these logos looked very nice.

Your Favorite Browser


Each one of us uses some kind of browser to browse the Web. If a person is browsing a lot, then he is going to need the best browser there is. While Internet Explorer is very popular, there are some people who have never really used it. Many computer geeks prefer to use either Firefox or Opera. Firefox has many useful features, and that is why it might be generally considered the best browser. What is exciting is that from time to time new versions of the most popular browsers are being released. Usually when that happens, it means that new features and tools are being integrated into a browser. Very often every new update brings new features. Browsers are a type of software that offer a lot of possibilities. I am sure that the developers of Internet Explorer can learn some very valuable lessons from other browsers, especially Firefox which is a really great browser.

Guns in Video Games


Many European Union countries desperately want to set guidelines on selling video games to minors. The reason behind this is supposedly to shield children from violent, explicit, and frightening video games. However, shouldn’t parents have the right to decide? Many people think that the European Union is hypocritical. Many countries in the European Union force their citizens into military service and require them to kill other people in times of war. Often they disregard people‚Äôs religious beliefs and make them serve in the army against their will. Is it not an irony that the EU does not want anyone below the age of 18 to shoot with virtual weapons in games, but it requires many eighteen year olds to complete military training using real guns? I will leave you with this thought. People need to understand that guns are not evil, and sometimes using guns is justified. It is also important to understand that there are many games that are not violent at all. Humorous adventure games are a prime example of that. Playing such games can be a great way for a family to spend some quality time together. Ultimately, each person will have to choose what kind of games are the most entertaining in his opinion.

Inkjet Printers


Have you ever wondered how inkjet printers work? Are you amazed each time there is a copy of your document emerging from a printer? Inkjet printers are the most commonly used printers in the world. The way they work is that the printer sprays drops of ink on the paper through tiny holes on the print head. Inkjet printers are not that complicated and are fairly cheap. They find their use among those who do not require a high quality of printing like students, office workers, and those who use them at home. One of the downside of this type of printer is that it uses cartridges, and thus you will have to be constantly refilling them. Before you buy such printer make sure to find a place where you can buy cartridges at a low price, or choose a printer that uses ink more efficiently.